Difference between fan and blower – Explained with Pdf

The difference between fan and blower is that the fan blows the air in the axial direction of the rotor while the blower blows the air due to centrifugal action and discharges in the tangential direction of the rotor.

difference between fan and blower


A fan is a rotating machine which gives motion to the surrounding air or gas. The main purpose of the fan is to increase convective heat transfer. The fan generally consists of a rotor with blades. It has many applications as per the requirement.

Eg. Exhaust fan, cooling tower fan, domestic ceiling fan, etc.


A blower is a machine that generates a current of gas with slightly increased pressure. The blower blows the air due to the centrifugal action and discharges it in a tangential direction because of the shape of the casing.

It consists of a closed impeller mounted on the rotor and all are enclosed in a casing. It has many applications in industries.

Example: blowers used for the furnace of a boiler, hairdryers, etc.

Difference between fan and blower

Sr. No.FanBlower
1The flow of gases is in the axial direction.The gases are discharged in the tangential direction.
2It is used to blow gases into an open atmosphere.The blower is used to forcibly feed gases in a closed container or to extract gases from the container.
3The fan consumes less energy.Energy consumed by the blower is more.
4the rotor is open to the atmosphere.Rotor enclosed in a casing.
5fan blades are sufficient to blow the gases.Rotor along with casing is important to blow the gases.
6The velocity of gases or air is comparatively lower.The velocity of air or gases is higher.
7The fan has less amount of flow rate.The flow rate of the blower is more in comparison with a fan.
8the blades are designed to push air in the axial direction.The blades are designed to blow the air using centrifugal action.
9the flow rate is adjusted by controlling motor speed.The flow rate can be controlled by adjusting the valve or window.
10No need of the casing.The casing performs the main function in the blower to direct the flow
11Applications: cooling tower, exhaust fans, domestic fans, etc.Applications: boiler blower, hairdryer, etc.

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