Explain the difference between milling and welding. [with Pdf]

The main difference between milling and welding is milling is the machining process while welding is the metal joining process.

Explain the difference between milling and welding.

What is Milling process?

  • The tool has multiple cutting edges which are arranged symmetrically around the rotating axis.
  • In a face milling cutter, the cutting edges are arranged in a radial manner. In peripheral milling cutter cutting edges are arranged on the circumference of the cutter.

What is welding process?

  • Welding is a type of metal joining process. In this process, the filler material is melted by generating high heat and after its application on joining parts, it allows to cool to cause fusion with the material of the workpiece. Welding is also the conventional machining process.

Explain the difference between milling and welding.

Sr. No.MillingWelding
1Milling is a machining processWelding is the metal joining process
2It is a material removal process.The material is added to join two workpieces.
3In this, a single piece is machined in the desired shape to form a final product.It joins two or more workpieces by the application of filler material in between joints of two workpieces.
4It is carried at comparatively low temperatures.This process is carried at a much higher temperature.
5There is no risk of fire hazards.There is much risk of fire hazards.
6Material wastage in the form of chip generation.No wastage of material.
7Highly skilled operators are required for milling operationSemi-skilled workers can perform welding operations.
8The setup cost for milling operation is higher.The setup cost for welding operation is less.
9Running cost is less.Running cost is higher.
10It requires the proper holding of a workpiece on the bed of the machine.It doesn’t require the proper holding of the workpiece
11Milling is generally used in industrial processes.Welding is a widely used process

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