Function of cylinder block in IC engine [with Pdf]

Function of cylinder block in ic engine

What is a cylinder block?

The cylinder block is the largest part of the engine assembly. The cylinder block is sometimes also called an engine block.

It acts as the main structure of the engine, that holds all components of the engine.

The various components like cylinder liner, piston, connecting rod, crank, crankshaft are assembled with an engine block.

It also holds the cylinder head on the deck and holds the crankcase at the bottom. The cylinder block has bores, in which the piston performs reciprocating motion.

Function of cylinder block in ic engine:

The major function of the cylinder block are listed below:-

1] The cylinder block acts as the main structure of the engine on which various parts are mounted.

2] It also has coolant galleries that help to cool the engine components.

3] It also holds the oil sump or reservoirs at the bottom.

4] It withstands combustion pressure and temperature.

5] It acts as rigid support to all moving components.

6] It also has galleries for lubricant circulation.

Components of cylinder block:

The cylinder block generally consists of the following components:-

1] Cylinder or Cylinder liner:- Cylinder is the well-finished bore in which the pistons reciprocate with a lower amount of friction.

In the case of cylinder blocks made up of aluminum alloys, the cylinder liner is used in which the piston reciprocates.

2] Oil and coolant galleries:- The cylinder block also has galleries for the circulation of lubricant oil to reach at the moving components of the engine. It also has galleries for the circulation of coolant or water for controlling the temperature of the engine.

3] Deck:- Deck is the upper part of the cylinder block where the cylinder head is connected.

4] Crankcase:- In some of the engines, the crankcase is also manufactured along with the cylinder block.

Along with these, the cylinder head or engine also has provision for the mounting of various components like lubricating oil pump, coolant pump, etc.

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