Is the transmission part of the engine? [with Pdf]

Most people are confused about the role of engines and transmission in automobiles. Therefore this article will help you to distinguish the functioning of both engine and transmission.

The transmission is not part of the engine. Both units (engine and transmission) have their own functions which differentiate them from each other while both the units are essential to power your vehicle. The engine provides power to the vehicle while the transmission manages the output of the engine as per the driving conditions.

Is the transmission part of the engine

Before starting a discussion about our question, let’s know what is the function of the engine and transmission.

What does the engine do in a car?

The engine is the heart of any automobile that helps to move the vehicle on road and also helps to power the various accessories.

The main function of the engine is to convert the chemical energy of various fuels into the mechanical energy of the crankshaft.

The mixture of air and fuel is burnt into the cavity made by the piston and cylinder. It results in a sudden increase in temperature and pressure inside the cavity.

This pressure helps to actuate the piston inside of the cylinder. Thus the piston starts to move continuously in reciprocating motion and that motion is further converted into the rotary motion by using the connecting rod, crank, and crankshaft.

What is the main function of transmission?

The output of the engine runs with the fixed speed at fixed torque. It means that the engine gives lower torque at a lower speed while it gives higher torque at a higher speed.

The vehicle requires different torque and speed combinations and the transmission helps to convert the output of the engine into the various torque and speed combinations/steps.

The transmission has different gear ratios that are generated by meshing different sizes of gears (in the case of sliding mesh) or by clutching different constantly meshed gear sets to the output shafts (in constant mesh).

Other than gears the transmission system is also made up of a CVT pulley and belt in the continuously varying transmission.

In this system, pulleys are mounted on the crankshaft and output shaft. The diameter of the belt over the pulleys varies as per the engine speed therefore by varying the diameter of input and output pulleys the transmission can attend an infinite number of gear ratios.

Therefore the conversion of the engine output into the required output is the main function of the transmission.

Is the transmission part of the engine?

As discussed above the transmission and engine are different units therefore transmission is not part of the engine.

The engine output is connected to the transmission by means of a clutch and therefore both the units rotate separately when the clutch is in disengaged condition. The role of the engine is to convert fuel energy into the work of crankshaft. While the role of the transmission is to convert the output of the engine into the various torque and speed steps as per the requirement.

Therefore both units are different from each other with their own functions and hence we can say that transmission is not part of an engine.

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