Torque vs Speed- Difference [Explained with Pdf]

Torque vs speed can be compared as the torque is the moment of force or rotational force that generates angular acceleration into the rotating object and angular speed is the rate of change of angular position of rotating body with respect to time.


torque example

Torque is the twisting or rotational force which creates angular acceleration in the object.
It is also known as moment of force and it is denoted by the symbol ‘T’ or ‘𝜏 (tau)’.

It is a vector quantity with SI units of N.m and FPS unit of lb.ft.
It can be calculated as,

T = F x r

F = Force
r = Radius of rotation

Example- Torque supplied to the axle of the car helps to rotate the car wheels. You can read more torque examples with images here.

Angular speed:

angular speed example

Angular speed is the measure of angular distance covered by an object per unit time. It is also known as a change in angular position with respect to time.

The angular speed is denoted by the symbol ‘ω’ and measured in terms of rad/s.
Angular speed can be calculated as

ω = `\frac{2\pi N}{60}`

Where, N = Speed in rpm

Example:- The minute hand of the clock rotates with the angular velocity of 0.0017 rad/s.

Torque vs speed:

Sr. No.TorqueSpeed
1]Torque is the moment of force or the rotational force that causes angular acceleration.Angular speed is the rate of change in the angular position with respect to time.
2]It is denoted by the symbol T or 𝜏.It is expressed by using the symbol ω.
3]The unit of torque is N.m.It has the unit of rad/s.
4]Torque is a vector quantity.Speed is a scalar quantity.
5]Torque can be calculated as 𝜏 = F x r.Angular speed can be calculated by ω = 2𝞹N/60
6]The dimensional formula for torque is [ML²T⁻²]The dimensional formula for angular speed is [M⁰L⁰T⁻¹].
The table contains the difference between torque and speed.


  1. What is relation between torque and speed?

    The relation between the torque and speed is given by the following equation.
    Torque (T) = Power (P)/Angular speed (ω).

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