Difference between Timing belt and Timing chain – Explained

The difference between a Timing belt and a Timing chain is that timing belts are quieter, less expensive, and have a shorter life span, whereas timing chains are louder, more expensive, and have a longer life span.

Let’s have a look at some basic information on each of them before we get started.

Timing belt:

What is a timing belt
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Timing belt is the flexible toothed belt mounted on a toothed pulley of the camshaft and crankshaft. For each cylinder, the inlet and exhaust valve open for a single time for the two revolutions of the crankshaft hence the camshaft runs at half of the speed of the crankshaft. Hence the pulleys are also made with a gear ratio of 2:1.

The timing belt also requires an idler pulley for tightening of the belt to avoid slipping the belt. The belt doesn’t make noise while running but it has lower life in comparison with other drives.

Timing chain:

What is a timing chain
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The timing chain is mounted on the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets. The timing chain also requires a chain guide and chain tensioner to ensure the proper engagement of the chain with sprockets. It can handle higher power and also has a higher life than a timing belt.

The components used to run the camshaft by the timing chain are the timing chain, chain guide, chain tensioner, crankshaft, and camshaft sprocket.

Difference between Timing belt and Timing chain:

Sr. No.Timing beltTiming chain
1The timing belt is a toothed belt made up of rubber with high tensile fibers.The timing chain is made up of metal alloys.
2The timing belt handles less power in comparison with the timing chain.The timing chain is used for high-power applications.
3It has limited life than the timing chain.The timing belt is a toothed belt made up of rubber with high-tensile fibers.
4It is less expensive.The timing chain is expensive.
5It is less compact for handling the same power.It is more compact than a timing belt for handling the same power.
6The idler pulley is used for tightening the belt.The chain tensioner is used for tightening the chain.
7lubrication is not necessary.Lubrication is required to increase life.
8It has chances of slipping.There is no chance of slipping.
9Its operation is less noisy.It is more noisy than the timing belt.

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