Centrifugal clutch: What is it, Diagram, Working, Application, Advantages and Disadvantages [with Pdf]

What is Centrifugal clutch?

  • Centrifugal Clutch is one of the friction type clutch.
  • This type of clutch works on the Centrifugal Force.
  • No Manual Operation Required to Operate Clutch.
  • It is Used in Fixed ( Preset ) Speed Vehicles. No Gearbox is Used in such type Vehicles.

Centrifugal clutch diagram:-

Centrifugal clutch
Centrifugal clutch
  • It consists of Driving Element , Driven Element , Spider, Shoes, & Spring.
  • The Spider Is Located on the Driving Member.
  • Shoes are Connected to Driving Member with the help of Spring as Shown in Below Figure. The Shoes are Expands Radially in the way provided by Spider.
  • The Spring Can be Adjust For Limit of Expansion to Change Vehicle Speed Limit.
  • The Driven Member has Friction Lining at Inner Surface & Shoes has Friction Lining on its Outer Surface.
  • The Driving Element is Connected to Crankshaft & Driven Member is Connected to to Transmission System.

Working of centrifugal clutch:- 


1) When Vehicle Engine Starts, The Driving Element Starts Rotating with Crankshaft.

2) When Driving Element Starts Rotating , the Shoes Expands Radially Due to Centrifugal Force.

3) When Driving Element Achieved Preset Speed, the Friction Starts Between Shoes & Driven Element. Hence Due to Friction, Driven Member Starts Rotate at a speed of Driving Element. Hence Clutch gets Engaged.


When Vehicle Engine Stops , The Driving Element Stops Rotating. Hence Shoes Comes inwards the Spider. Hence Clutch Gets Disengaged.

Advantages and disadvantages:-

Advantages of centrifugal clutch :- 

  • Simple In Construction.
  • Less Maintenance Required due to Simple Construction.

Disadvantages :-

  • Slip Occurs Between Shoes & Driven Member.
  • Low Power transmission Capacity Due to Slip Occurs.

Application of centrifugal clutch:- 

The applications of the centrifugal clutch are in following vehicles:-

  • Mopeds.
  • Scooters.

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