Electromagnetic Clutch: Working, Parts, Diagram, Principle

What is electromagnetic clutch?

An electromagnetic clutch is a type of clutch that uses electromagnetic force for the engagement and disengagement of the clutch.

It is one of the types of automobile clutch which works on the friction principle.

Electromagnetic clutch working principle:-

Electromagnetic clutch works on the Electromagnetic Force.

ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE:- When a conductor carries an electric current, a magnetic field is formed around the conductor. Hence the object near the conductor is attracted towards the conductor by force, which is known as electromagnetic force.

The below figure shows the basic structure of the electromagnetic clutch system.

Electromagnetic Clutch

In the electromagnetic clutch, engagement, and disengagement are done with the help of electromagnetic force.

The winding used in the clutch carries current from the battery. The current forms a magnetic field around the winding.

Therefore due to the magnetic field, the pressure plate moves towards the flywheel and engages with the flywheel.


The above figure shows the construction of an electromagnetic clutch. It consists of the following major parts.

1) Flywheel:- The flywheel is connected to the crankshaft of the engine. When the pressure plate engages with the flywheel, the power/torque transmits from the flywheel to the clutch shaft.

The winding is Installed over the flywheel for the generation of the electromagnetic field.

2) Friction Plate:- It is mounted on the clutch shaft. The friction plate has a friction lining on both side surfaces. When current flows through the winding, the pressure plate pushes the friction plate against the flywheel.

3) Pressure Plate: A pressure plate is mounted on the clutch shaft.

4) Winding:- Winding is installed on the flywheel.  Winding carries current from the battery, Due to the current magnetic field produced around the winding.

5) Battery: The battery supplies the current to the winding.

6] Clutch Switch: A clutch switch is used to On/Off the current supply to winding.

In the engaged position, the clutch switch is Off hence current flows from winding. In the disengaged position, the clutch switch is on hence current does not flow from winding.

Working of electromagnetic clutch:-

Let’s see how engagement and disengagement in electromagnetic clutch work.


When a vehicle is running, the clutch is in an engaged position means the pressure plate is connected to the flywheel.

When the driver pushes the clutch switch/pedal, the current stops flowing from the battery to the winding. Due to no current in the winding, no magnetic field is produced around the winding.

Hence pressure plate is released from the flywheel. Therefore no power transmits from the flywheel to the pressure plate. hence clutch disengages.


When the driver releases the clutch switch, the current again starts flowing from the battery to the winding.

Hence the magnetic field is again produced around the winding. Hence pressure plate attracts towards Flywheel. Hence Clutch Engages.

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