20+ Examples of torque in Physics, Sports, Human activity

There are many examples of torque in everyday life. As torque develops angular acceleration into the object, thus you can observe it in various rotary motions.


Torque is the rotational force that creates angular acceleration into the body, thus the body starts to rotate about a certain point.

Examples of torque

The relation between the torque and the force (F) is given by the following equation.

Torque = F x r

The torque is observed in different things and it acts as a motive force to operate the different machines and appliances.

Examples of torque in physics:

Following are the some of the examples of the torque considered in physics:-

1] Electric motor shaft:
In numerous appliances and machines, the electric motor is used as a prime mover. The rotating magnetic field produced in the stator of the motor helps to develop torque into the rotor.
Thus this torque is used to rotate the different machines and appliances.

Torque in the electric motor shaft

2] Windmill:
The blades of the windmill develop torque at the rotor shaft.

Torque in windmill

3] Fan regulator knob:
While raising or lowering the speed of the fan, it is necessary to rotate the speed regulator knob and to rotate this knob, the fingers apply torque on the knob.

4] Screwdriver:
The torque applied at the end of the screwdriver helps to insert or remove the screws. This torque on the screwdriver is applied manually by using the hands. Nowadays, electric screw fasteners are used to apply torque on screws.

Torque in screwdriver

5] Wheels of the automobile:
The torque supplied by the engine helps to rotate the wheels of the vehicle. Thus we can move onto the road.

Torque in wheels of the automobile

6] Ceiling fan:
The torque applied to the fan shaft by the motor helps to rotate its blades.

Torque in ceiling fan

7] Kitchen equipment:
For different appliances used in the kitchen like beaters, grinders, and juicers, the torque is necessary to operate them.

8] Clock:
The torque applied to the minute hand, hour hand, and second hand helps to rotate them.

Examples of torque in sports:

Following are some of the examples of the torque in sports:-

1] Foosball:
To operate players on the foosball table, the torque is applied to the handles connected to the players.

2] Arm wrestling:
While arm wrestling, the torque acts on the arm of the player.

3] Bowling in cricket:
In cricket, when the bowler is bowling the ball, his muscles helps to develop a torque to rotate the arm. thus this torque helps to deliver the ball at a higher speed.

Torque in bowling in cricket

4] Golf:
To hit the golf ball, the golfer has to rotate the golf club (golf stick) around the shoulder. Thus the torque developed by the muscles of the shoulder helps to rotate the golf stick.

5] Baseball:
To hit the ball, the baseball player has to turn his upper body with higher torque.

Examples of torque in the human body:

Following are some of the examples of torque in a human body:-

1] Walking:
While walking, the torque created at the hip joint help to turn the leg.

2] Rotating the hand:
The torque acting at the shoulder rotates the hand about the shoulder.

3] Turning the head:
Because of the torque developed by the muscles of the neck, we can rotate the head around the neck.

Examples of torque in human activity:

Following are the different activities for which the torque is necessary to complete it:-

1] Unscrew bottle cap:
The threaded cap of the bottle can be removed by applying torque with the help of fingers.

Torque to unscrew bottle cap

2] Turning the accelerator of the bike:
The torque applied to the accelerator helps to control the acceleration of the bike.

3] Operating steering wheel:
To turn the vehicle, the torque applied by the hands helps to rotate the steering wheel.

Torque in operating steering wheel

4] Opening/Closing of water tap:
To open or close the water tap, it is necessary to turn the knob by applying torque with the help of fingers.

5] Fastening or loosening of nut/bolt:
The torque developed by the spanner is necessary to remove or fasten the nut/bolt.

6] Peddling of bicycle:
While riding on the bicycle, the rider creates torque with the help of peddles.

7] Kickstart the bike:
The torque developed with the help of feet helps to kickstart the vehicle.

8] Opening/Closing the door:
The torque developed at the hinges of the door helps to open or close the door.

9] Cranking the old vehicle:
To start the old diesel engines, the cranking is done manually by rotating the handle. The handle supplies the torque to the crankshaft to start the engine.

So, we’ve looked at 25 various examples of torque in this post. If you have any questions, please post them in the below comments area, we will respond to you soon.

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