Why scavenging is necessary in an engine? [with Pdf]

Scavenging in IC engine is the process carried out during the valves overlapping when the engine releases the exhaust gases outside and takes the fresh charge inside.

Scavenging is one of the important processes in working of ic engine and there are three different types of scavenging processes.

Why scavenging is necessary in an engine?

The scavenging is a significant process in the ic engine working due to the following reasons:-

1] The scavenging helps in removing all previous combustion gases from the engine since if these are mixed with a fresh charge, these will badly affect the engine.

2] The bad scavenging causes the burn gases will be mixed with the fresh charge results in improper combustion in engines.

3] The proper engine scavenging increases the power as well as the efficiency of the engine.

4] The proper scavenging reduces the fuel consumption and loss of fresh air by the engine.

5] If scavenging does not carry out properly then it increases the average temperature inside the cylinder.

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