Chemical machining process: What is it, Diagram, Construction, Working, Advantages, Disadvantages, Applications [with Pdf]

What is Chemical Machining (CHM)?

1] Chemical machining is machining process in which machining carry out with the help of chemicals. This chemicals reacts with work-piece material and dissolves it.

2] It is one of the non conventional machining process.

Chemical Machining Diagram:-

Chemical Machining


Chemical Machining consists of the chemical, stirrer, Cooling & Heating coil.

1) Chemical :- The chemical uses is also called as the etchant. This chemical helps in remove the material from the work-piece by chemically reacting with desired portion of work-piece material & dissolve it. Different types of etchants uses as per the work-piece material.

2) Cooling & Heating Coil :- The Cooling & Heating coil is used to maintain desired temperature of the chemical or etchant during the process.

3) Stirrer :- The stirrer helps in the mixing of the chemical or etchant.

Chemical Machining Working:-

The chemical machining works in following processes or steps :-

1) Cleaning :- In the cleaning the work-piece is cleaned using solvent to removes the dust, oil contaminants from the work-piece otherwise further process that is masking will not done properly due to dust or oil contaminants.

2) Masking :- Masking is process of applying the maskant or cover on the cleaned work-piece surface which prevents the inside desired portion of work-piece surface from being dissolve. This maskant or cover is does not reacts with chemical or etchant.

3) Scribing :- In this process, the maskant are removes from the portions of work-piece surfaces which are to be machined. This process dones before the work-piece immersed in the chemical or etchant.

4) Etching :- In this process, the workpiece immersed in the chemical or etchant, hence chemical reacts with the work-piece surface where maskant is not present & dissolves this portion of the work-piece.

5) De-masking :- After the etching in demasking, the remaining applied maskant is removes.

Therefore in such way chemical machining works.

Video of CHM by Veco Precision:-

Chemical Machining Advantages:-

  1. It produces High precision metal parts.
  2. It can done Machining of any shape & size.
  3. Machining of work-piece from all sides of work-piece at same time.
  4. Less skilled labors can handle process.
  5. High surface finish obtained.
  6. High machining accuracy.

 Chemical Machining Disadvantages:-

  • Chemical solution uses which is dangerous for human health.
  • 2) It is slow process.

Chemical Machining Applications:-

  1. In drilling different sizes holes on plates.
  2. In machining of various automobiles parts.

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